Xavier Justo-- Swiss 'Whistleblower' or Criminal?

In my continuing examination of the Malaysian 1MBD scandal, brand-new details has actually emerged that showcases a complicated web of intrigue, subterfuge and also corruption involving the meant 'Whistleblower' Xavier Andre Justo and also a Swiss district attorney. Mr. Justo, a former high-level staff member of PetroSaudi International SA, was incarcerated in Thailand for swiping a data source from his former company that broke the rumor. A Swiss prosecutor that himself is presently under investigation for political corruption with a 'Dispute of Interest' attached to the situation and a list of other varied actors extra befitting of a Hollywood thriller than the real world circumstances.

In my last post I reported on the 1MBD detraction's impact in Canada. In 2012, Malaysia's state-owned energy company Petronas got Canada's Progression Energy for a reported $5.5 billion. At the time it was among Malaysia's largest international investments. Provided the reality that the 1MBD detraction damaged just after Petronas's aggressive entry to Canada's oil and gas industry, I began researching and reporting on the effects that corrupt foreign investors from establishing countries, such as Malaysia, may have in Canadian private market fields. I decided to concentrate at first on the main person credited with 'breaking' the story of the IMBD scandal - Xavier Andre Justo.

Getting to the bottom of this facility affair has actually been testing. Basically, the center administration of the firms involved in the 1MBD rumor, are essentially, scared to speak with reporters. Furthermore, the leading rate execs of these firms will certainly also not take place the document. Last week, I finally located an unhappy former executive of PetroSaudi International in addition to 2 previous close friends of Mr. Justo's who were all kind enough to offer me some sorely needed background on the 'life as well as times' of Xavier Justo.

The previous Exec of PetroSaudi International spoke with me on condition of privacy and likewise supplied me with documents, duplicates of text and various other product to support his cases that Xavier Justo, far from being a 'good deed doer', is in truth he is a con-artist that enjoys the good life and has a narcotics abuse condition that includes "hefty alcohol consumption and a great deal of cocaine." I am presently verifying the product given to us concerning Mr. Justo and will certainly be releasing more excerpts quickly. He likewise bitterly bawled out PetroSaudi International for enabling Mr. Justo to climb in the business rates in spite of his widely known partying lifestyle. These allegations were likewise confirmed by the 2 previous good friends of Mr. Justo, who were both jilted by him in personal financings that were never ever paid back.

In February of this year, PetroSaudi International's CEO Tarek Essam Ahmad Obaid, firm Supervisor Patrick Andrew Marc Mahony, and Malaysian dubious 'entrepreneur' Reduced Taek Jho were all arraigned in Malaysia by the MACC (Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission) over the 1MBD scandal. At the time, MACC happily introduced this in a press release and that all three implicated had actually been placed on Interpol's 'Red Watch Checklist'. After an extensive week of checking out the cases as well as counterclaims between Mr. Justo and PetroSaudi International, my research team as well as I have ended that Mr. Justo is an extreme go-getter with a prior criminal background who used his key setting at PetroSaudi International as well as his close relationship with CEO Tarek Obaid, to his very own advantage which the 'traditional media was deceived by his effort to make himself appear like an innocent 'whistleblower'.

In addition to this, after checking Interpol's on-line 'Red Alert 'data source it has actually been validated that neither Mr. Obaid neither Mr. Mahony have actually been placed on Interpol's 'Red Watch List" and that they are not 'wanted fugitives' as suggested by many media outlets.

My investigation of Mr. Justo and from our resources kept in mind above, verified that he has no official college education and that during the mid-2000's, he had possession rate of interests in some questionable clubs in Geneva. In 2006 Mr. Justo was apprehended by Swiss Federal Authorities for opening up as well as managing an account of a widely known Spanish contraband criminal gang. The account was frozen for criminal beginning of funds and cash laundering by the Geneva Financial Criminal Activity Authorities.

Mr. Justo was held for over 18 hrs as well as was just launched after he, according to former friends, provided testimony against the participants of the criminal gang Anti-Corruption Commission he was benefiting. Remarkably, he was released without charges.

PetroSaudi International's CEO Tarek Obaid, is a double resident of Switzerland and also Saudi Arabia as well as graduated from Georgetown University's prestigious School of Foreign Service. Prior to the 1MBD scandal Mr. Obaid had actually never ever been charged with a criminal offense in any kind of country. According to the former PetroSaudi International Executive as well as previous friends of Mr. Justo that I spoke with, Mr. Obaid met Mr. Justo on a basketball court when he was a 15-year-old that simply come in to Switzerland. They struck up a deep relationship as Justo himself is a descendant of immigrant parents. Justo served as a coach to Mr. Obaid, his peer in service as well as life in Switzerland throughout both of their youths. Years later on, Mr. Obaid offered Mr. Justo lower level tasks to help him maintain himself and his household due to Mr. Justo's unfavorable economic scenarios. In these work http://www.bbc.co.uk/search?q=Xavier Justo Mr. Justo was used in various placements as a concierge, a cars and truck valet and handling little petty cash purchases for Mr. Obaid's workplace and relative.

The mainstream media portraits of Mr. Justo being an 'International Lender' is incorrect; while he did operate in a number of financial institutions as a low-level staff, he was never a 'lender' neither has he held any kind of elderly position in any type of Swiss or other EU bank. He additionally does not have the correct education or training for that sort of job. From documents that we are still examining, it is clear he stopped working to open up a savings account in numerous nations to receive the payment for the taken information, which present his claim to be an 'International lender' in a ridicules light.


Xavier Andre Justo individual life was, as we were informed, very unstable. Mr. Justo was married to Daphné Smits for some years. According to pals of Mr. Justo, while he worked as a staff at Banque Scandinave en Suisse (BSS) in Geneva, he had sexual experiences with his Employer's partner. A couple of months later Mr. Justo supposedly had one more affair with the spouse of his best friend and was caught in the act. As a result, his spouse Daphné divorced him as well as took all his cash. Then Justo started a romantic connection with Laura (his current spouse) who he met when she was a secretary at the company where he was working at the moment.

In the meantime, Mr. Justo got greatly clinically depressed and hesitated of retaliation by the contraband criminal gang. Mr. Justo, and also his then girlfriend, Laura escaped to Thailand and also according to a previous close friend, "stole all the cash from his Mother's savings account to spend for the trip"

After being in Thailand for several months, Mr. Justo contacted Mr. Obaid and also told him he was dealing with a lack of income and was "determined" to support his family members.

In mid-2010, Mr. Obaid decided to offer Mr. Justo one more chance as well as provided him a new job with PetroSaudi International in London on the condition that Mr. Justo commit to quit his habitual cocaine habit and also alcohol abuse. Mr. Justo conveniently concurred. With a significant salary package of 400,000 British Extra pounds each year that consisted of a totally paid deluxe apartment or condo in Mayfair, Mr. Justo's life took a turn right and his occupation was back on the right track.

Mr. Obaid, that highly relied on Mr. Justo his childhood years pal, was focused on growing his global procedures and also needed someone in London he can depend sign corporate papers on his part, conduct routine workplace financial and other mundane administrative features when Mr. Obaid was not in town.


More examinations of Mr. Justo's and also Mr. Obaid's connection reveal the astounding trust that the previous put into the last.

From the countless records we are presently confirming, among them is an authentic duplicate of Mr. Justo's employment agreement with PetroSaudi International (listed below).

One of the former good friends of Mr. Justo's that I spoke with stated that he could not think that Xavier had actually been provided such a high degree income and count on that firm (PetroSaudi International) ... I bear in mind once we were hanging out at Zumas in Knights Bridge and also he paid for our meal and all the bevi's on a company charge card ... the expense was outrageous ...".

The previous PetroSaudi International Executive we spoke to validated that within the business Mr. Justo was understood to frequent high-priced London haunts in Knightsbridge and also Covent Yard two of London's the majority of exclusive areas. (Zuma is an expensive Japanese dining establishment). The previous Executive likewise added that he advised Mr. Obaid numerous times regarding Mr. Justo's social behavior and ballooning expense accounts but that he (Mr. Obaid) "wouldn't come across it ... Tarek trusted this guy because he was a youngster but never really recognized him ... Mr.

Obaid was premature, and also had negative judgment when it concerned youth buddies, it triggered a great deal of stress in the office ... it was so damn foolish ... I could not take it anymore.".

Mr. Justo got a 3-year prison sentence in Thailand in 2015 after being founded guilty of extortion, blackmailing and also burglary of PetroSaudi International's database. A criminal activity he readily confessed to.

According to court testimony and also evidence offered by many witnesses, Mr. Justo's job efficiency seriously deteriorated in late 2010 with a number of absences and also alcoholic binges that included inappropriate behavior in the workplace. After that at first of April 2011 he missed out on a flight from London to New York city where he was because of meet a significant customer as well as the shareholders of PetroSaudi International.

Witnesses later on confirmed that Mr. Justo was high up on drug as well as highly intoxicated the night before the trip. When he fell short to turn up to the meeting in New york city, he was immediately disregarded from his setting.


It was later on verified through a forensic examination that Mr. Justo swiped PetroSaudi International's database and made the last download of the 90Gb data 24h after he was discharged over the phone. This is the date that the 1MBD rumor started.

Xavier Andre Justo's criminal actions and also indulgent drug habit sparked the world's greatest financial detraction, brought down the Malaysian government, launched criminal procedures in Switzerland, Singapore, the EU and the United States and also cost the Malaysian individuals billions of dollars.

It is time the complete fact emerges on this story.

With this thought in mind, I will be publishing even more posts over the coming days as well as weeks regarding the 1MBD scandal as well as publishing 'never-seen-before' papers that will give my viewers a clear understanding on how a reduced level worker, that had a regular drug and alcohol misuse problem, had the ability to stir up one of the biggest economic detractions in modern background.